About the Department

Department of Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering is a branch of Engineering Science, which is responsible for the design, operation and improvement of production and service systems in the best way. Industrial Engineers analyze the systems as a whole, define the problems and develop solutions by using engineering principals and analytical tools. While doing this, the aim of Industrial Engineers is to obtain the best solution by using the man, machine, raw material, energy and information resources accurately.

Industrial Engineering Department was established in 1991 and had the first graduates of BSc. degree in 1995. The department has continued to give education in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research branches. Besides, Industrial Engineering MSc. Program was opened in 2004 under the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. MSc. students and the academicians have contributed to the science with the advanced researches about various subjects of the field. In addition to scientific research and activities, the academic personal of the department has contributed to the university-industry cooperation by offering consultancy service and applying research projects for various production and service sectors. Additionally, BSc. students will be accepted to the second education program during Fall 2009 semester.

Undergraduate students perform 2 summer practices with the subjects including observation of production systems and application of industrial engineering tools. Thus, the summer practices and the application projects assigned in the courses provide the students opportunity of applying the theoretical knowledge into practice and getting experience.