Computer Laboratory

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In the computer laboratory of the department, there are advanced-computers with the licensed softwares about the Optimization, Simulation, Enterprise Resource Planning, System Analysis etc. issues and the internet connection.Available Licenced Softwares:Arena 9.0: Arena 9.0 is used to simulate real life production and systems problems.GAMS: GAMS is an optimization package especially designed for big and complex linear, nonlinear and discrete optimization problems. AIMMS: AIMMS is an optimization package for operational research problemsPolyAnalyst 5.0: PolyAnalyst 5.0 is a data mining sof [...]

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Ergonomics and Work Study Laboratory

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There is an Ergonomics & Work Study laboratory, which includes some tools for the purpose of  Ergonomics, Work Study and Productivity measurement such as Anemometer, Voice level meter, Photometer and humidity level meter. [...]

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